Setting up a Permanent Email Address


While not absolutely necessary, it looks more professional to use a domain name based on your company domain name rather than something like or

The other advantage is that you'll never have to change your email address again. If you're using an ISP-based email address, you would have to change your email address if you change ISP. An ISP--internet service provider--is the company that connects you to the Internet. Examples are or

The risk of using an ISP-based email address

Here's a fairly common scenario.

You register your domain name and during the registration process you use something like Comcast, in this example, is your ISP (Internet Service Provider, your connection to the Internet).

A few years go by, and you get a better deal from Verizon for hooking up to the Internet, so you sign up for Verizon to connect you to the Internet and cancel your Comcast account. And you start using as your email address.

Six months goes by, and your domain name is up for renewal. But, the renewal notice gets sent to, so you never get it. Since you don't get your renewal notice for your domain name, it expires and someone else buys your domain name.

Your web site stops working and by the time you figure out why, the person who bought your domain name is happy to sell it back to you for $5,000.

That's why it's important to have an email address that you can use forever, and not have to change when you change from one ISP to another.

There are a couple of ways to set this up.

1. Have a domain name. Don't have a web hosting account.

This course hasn't gotten into setting up a web site, so you probably fall into this category. Through your registrar, you may be able to set up an email address that forwards to your existing email address.

If you're using www.hammock-registration

  1. Visit and login.
    (If you've lost your password, click on the "If you have lost your password, click here" link.)
  2. To the left, click on "domain names" > "my domains" to get to the page listing your domain(s).
  3. Click on your domain for which you want to set up email.
  4. Click on "CHANGE SERVICE" under "Emai Settings."
  5. Click on "Email Forwarding" > "SAVE CHANGES"
  6. Type in a username. This can be "info," your name, or anything you want to appear before the @ sign.
  7. In the "Forward To" field, type in your existing email address.
  8. Click on "SAVE CHANGES"
  9. Done!

From now on, this email address you just set up will forward to your existing email address.

This isn't ideal since when you reply to an email, it will still show up as your existing email address, but at least you can start telling people about your new, permanent (and more professional) email address.

2. Have a domain name. Have a hosting account set up.

In a future lesson, once you have your web site hosting account set up, we'll show you how to set up your email so you can use Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or any other email software with your email address.



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